At Medicoir we take our commitments to the planet and its people very seriously.

We have a team in place to make sure that every aspect of our business is taking our local environment and community into consideration every step of the way.

We have invested heavily in a water treatment plant so that excess water from our production is treated and completely safe before being pumped back into the local water systems.


The sustainability of coir products is a question that comes up more and more as people are moving away from unrenewable resources into coir. In Sri Lanka at the moment, only about 70% of the coconut husks that are harvested every year are used to make products like coir, the other 30% goes to waste, so there is still a lot of capacity available to us as an industry. At Medicoir, we are very much involved with the Sri Lankan authorities in the research which studies how to increase the productivity of the coconut plantations through new varieties and hybrid plants.

We must also not forget that while Sri Lanka is a main exporter of coir products, it is a very small island compared to India and Indonesia, for example, which have billions of coconuts available that are, at the moment, not being utilised.